5 Second Rule is an action packed language and vocabulary building fact-filled game.  Turn a card and answer your question before the time runs out.  Be careful though, the twirling crazy timer spirals down in only 5 seconds long, so you don’t have much time to respond. The questions are cool and varied: such as “name 3 breeds of dog”, “name 3 boys’ names starting with the letter S”.  The game is made in the UK, so we take out the questions cards unsuited to us Aussies – but that still leaves plenty as there are 376 cards to begin with. There are opportunities to ‘duck’ a question or switch your question to an opponent. 5 Second Rule is a fast paced board game and loads of fun and laughs for 3 – 6 players.  At our centre, we sometimes modify the rules so it can be a two-player game. Highly recommended for home, after school care, the home and a brilliant game for the holidays or when you have a group of people around (play in teams). 27cm x 27cm x 7cm The manufacturers recommend for 8yrs and up, however we have played this game many many times with much younger kids (5yrs+) – we just modify the questions.