The ABC Sensory Learning Felt Alphabet and Flashcards is a fun way to introduce the alphabet to children and encourage learning through exploration.  This set of large alphabet flash cards and upper case felt alphabet letters come in gorgeous bag.

The cards are a good size (  ) and have colourful simple designs to illustrate each letter.  Upper and lower case letters are represented, along with a word for that letter.  Eg A a Ant.  On the reverse side of the card there is one large upper case letter at the top and the lower case letter is on the bottom half.  This gives the opportunity to create lots of teaching, drill, practice and matching games (simply by covering one or the other easily with one hand).

We love that the flash cards have the vowels in blue.  This is a good way to learn and reinforce the short vowel sounds.

The felt upper case letters are large, chunky and very tactile.  Feel the letter, trace the letter, play games with them.  For example use the bag to hold the letters and try and find a letter for a flash card purely by touch (without looking).

The ABC Sensory Learning Felt Alphabet and Flashcards includes: 26 double sided flash cards, 26 upper case felt letters and 1 bag.