The Sensory Kit is full of carefully selected purposeful sensory items for all ages.

It is portable, and comes in a convenient, washable and lightweight nylon drawstring bag.

Rest assured we have covered a LOT of bases with all that is selected.  There is something for everyone.  Note: for 3yrs+ .

You are giving a young person the following items.

  • Drawstring bag – it can also be used as a library bag, swim bag or gym bag!
  • Good Vibes Massager (Vibration can provide excellent calming proprioceptive input)
  • Banz Noise Reduction Ear Muffs (fantastic for reducing auditory sensory overload)
  • Marble slider (a fidget that promotes crossing the mid-line)
  • Double neon liquid spinning timer (for calming visual input, the spinner can also provide a visual stimming activity)
  • LED Finger Lights (for fine motor, dexterity and visual input)
  • Jumbo Jelly Ball – a reusable giant balloon (for calming self regulation via respiration activity)
  • Giant Stress Banana (stretch and squish for hand strengthening and proprioceptive input)
  • Simpl Dimpl key ring (a very popular fidget, think: never ending bubble wrap, it is also made from FDA approved non-toxic material)
  • Squeezy Pop Eye Snake (a calming squish toy suitable for all ages)
  • BrainWright Flexi Puzzle (a fantastic fidget that is actually a logic puzzle and will provide hours of fun and focus)


You can be sure you are getting good quality. If a particular item is out of stock or unavailable we will replace with a similar item.