This game is well loved by the kids attending our centre. It is a delightful way for beginner readers to reinforce their recognition of single sounds – so a perfect game for kids in the early stages of learning the alphabet. Beat the Bear is played in a similar manner to traditional Bingo. Players select one card at a time from the top of the deck…if a player picks up a card that matches a single sound on his/her board it is placed in the correct position. But, each time a piece of the bear is turned over it must be put on the Bear’s board. Be careful now! If the Bear is completed before a player finishes their bingo board, the bear wins. Bear the bear focuses on the following single sounds b c d h l m p r s t This game is for up to 3 players and contains 81 laminated playing cards and 4 durable cloth backed vinyl mats. For 4yrs+