The first 100 words activity game is ideal for children, from toddlers to Kindergarten age.  It is a play and learn system designed to support vocabulary, categories, describing, playing games and eventually the written word.  The pack includes 50 double sided picture cards (with photos not drawings, which is a real bonus), a soft large numeral die (1-3) and a soft category (colour) die.  The cards are colour coded.  Green – animals, Blue – things, Yellow – My World.

There are so many things we love about this pack.  The cards are chunky and solid.  They’re colourful and a good size.  Becuase they’re double sided it gives you a total of 100 words.  There are multiple ways to use the cards and dice in the games described.  Or, make up your own.

For example, place the cards around the room.  Roll either die then look for either matching category or the number of cards.  Children then identify the words on the cards as they collect them.  They will be introduced to counting, social skills, turn taking and lots of words and vocabulary.

Suitable for 2yrs+ (though we have used the cards with younger children).

The first 100 words activity game makes a fantastic gift or learning resource for the home or early childhood setting.