The Smart Games Bunny Boo Logic Game is visual logic game for one player.  Aimed at preschoolers, it can also easily be enjoyed by older children too.

There are 60 visual challenge cards in total.  They start out fairly easy and straight forward.  They gradually progress to quite difficult puzzles that take a bit of thought and persistence.

Use one or more of the yellow, blue or red blocks with the bunny and place them into position to look the same (face on) as the challenge on the card.

This is a terrific game that children can spend hours doing on their own.  It is a wonderful way to interact positively together.

It is also promotes visual spatial skills, maths, logic, vocabulary and language.

Learn about position (such as next to, beside, under, on top, behind, in front etc) as well as perspective.

Suitable for 2yrs+