Calm before the storm is a fun memory and action game.

How to play ?

Flip over a card, analyse the card you have picked and place it face down seperate to the pile.

You eventually want to have them scattered across the floor or the table face down as it becomes a memory game.

There are two kinds of cards, the calm cards and the storm cards.

The calm cards have a photo of a child performing a certain movement. That the player has to remember.

The storm cards; if a player turns over a storm card, this means they have to say storm out loud, point to a card that is face down and makes the movement of the card that they think is on the card.

Players use concentration, motor skills and physical awareness to acquire as many cards as possible to win.

The game is a fun and engaging way for children to compete, develop their concentration and motor skills.

It also adds the element of linguistics as well as building self-confidence!

Players: 2-6

Duration: 10 to 20 minutes