This set of coko bricks is in lower case foundation font and has the common digraph representations.

They are strong white plastic bricks that fit on our coko base plates. They also fit with Duplo.

These bricks are an excellent hands-on teaching and learning tool to help children build literacy skills.

They are one of our primary resources in our Educational Consultancy and Tutoring Centre. They are also one of our best sellers.  The Coko Bricks Digraphs learning bricks are an excellent way of demonstrating that sometimes 2 letters combine to make one side.

The box contains teaching notes and 20 pieces with the following letters/quantities:

sh x 2

ch x 2

ph x 2

th x 2

wh x 2

gh x 2

gn x 2

kn x 2

qu x 2

wr x 2

n.b. base plate not included.