The Cool Series English Exercises for Lower Primary Student Workbook is a well designed activity book.  It helps children progress in English and literacy in an engaging and entertaining way.

The English Exercises for Lower Primary targets 5-7yr olds.

There are a variety of motivating tasks from dot-to-dots, puzzles, colouring in to spot the difference to mazes.

The focus is on phonics.  It covers alphabet sounds, short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, digraphs, onsets & rimes as well as spelling, blending and so much more.  No boring worksheet-type activities allowed!

There are 46 pages to develop early phonics knowledge and skills.

We love the cool series student workbooks because they are designed by a skilled teacher who understands how to make activities appealing to learners.

It includes teaching tips and online answers.

The cool series books are perfectly suited to home use, tutoring or as a supplement to school curriculum.