The Jumbo 12 sided vinyl dice, is a very handy resource to create your own games for the home or school.

The Jumbo 12 sided dice measures 16cm in diameter, and comes in a variety of colours including red, blue, green and yellow. (Availability of colours depend on suppliers).

The numerals are a large, fine white print. Perfect for a classroom setting (for example; if a class of 30 children were seated in a circle around the dice, everyone would be able to see. Though visibility any further than 3 metres could become challenging.)

The vinyl and durable material of the dice makes it perfect for the outdoors. So if you wanted to take the maths game outside to mix it up and keep things interesting, you can! If it were to get dirty you can easily wipe it over with a damp cloth.

The hands on jumbo vinyl dice is the perfect resource to have in any teachers resource kit in the classroom!