The Franken Words Compound Word game is a fast paced matching game and compound word laboratory. Put some thrill into making new words by stitching two words together to create new meanings.  Build vocabulary, word recognition, visual processing and communication.

Choose which level you play.  The cards are double sided.  One side has only the word.  The other side shows a word with a picture to help support children learning to read.

Stack the cards in a grid (face up). Race to be the first to find a frankenword and grab the two cards to receive a point.

What a fabulous, easy game to help support literacy.

We love that Franken words can be differentiated for different abilities, ages and reading levels.  The cards can also be used in so many other ways as well, to create your own literacy activities.

Suitable for 7yrs+ and 2 or more players.

It would make a great game for literacy group time.