The Fun Factory Lacing Beads are a set of sturdy colourful wooden beads.  The Lacing Beads are a good size for small hands and perfect for threading with the laces provided.

The lacing beads come in 5 different colours and 5 different shapes.  Not only are they great for fine motor and hand eye activities but they’re handy for colour and shape sorting, sequencing and counting.

Try threading randomly and then counting how many are on your lace.

Make a necklace or bangle.

Create patterns (sequencing) with firstly two colours repeating.  Such as red, yellow, red, yellow.

Increase the difficulty with a 3 or even 4 repeating pattern such as green red yellow green red yellow or blue red orange green blue red orange green

Do the same with shapes.

If you want to add an even bigger challenge, create patterns with two attributes (both colour and shape) which is much harder.


Add a pair of tweezers and you instantly have another way to sort and build fine motor skills with these lacing beads.

There are 90 beads in total, and 5 laces.

The Lacing Beads come in a jar, making them easy to store.

Suitable for 3yrs+