This Giant Wooden Abacus is an absolute draw card for children.  It is hard to resist walking past it without touching and sliding the large wooden beads.  Before you know it, children (and adults!) are sliding and counting.

We love everything about this counting frame.  The colours are gorgeous and help children learn colour discrimination and naming.  The abacus is solid and feels so fantastic, it is hard to convey how sensory and tactile it is.

There are so many benefits of purchasing this giant abacus.  The size alone is a talking point and children will enjoy playing together as they assemble around it.  The size also means that children can also develop bi-lateral movement (two hands at the same time) as well as crossing the midline.

These are incredibly popular in preschools, family day care homes, tutoring centres and schools.  They’re an absolute investment that you will have for years yet use every day.

The abacus stands steady on the floor.  It measures size 60cm W x 100cm Ht.