Heads Talk Tails Walk is a game that combines animal walks with the sounds they make.  All sorts of hilarious combinations are created by mixing things up.

The aim of the game is to try and find a match with a particular  animal body and it’s hidden head card.  Who ever gets the most correct matches, wins the game.

If, however, a match is not found (the head does not match the body) eg the body of a chicken is in the centre face up and the head of a frog is turned over – then all the players have to walk like a chicken but talk like a frog.  It is all a bit of crazy fun.

Heads Talk Tails Walk is really easy to learn and play.  There are 10 large body tiles and 10 small head tiles.

  1. shuffle the body tiles and put them in the centre of the table/floor FACE DOWN in a pile. One animal body will be on the top eg seal body
  2. shuffle the head tiles and place them in a circle FACE DOWN around the heads pile
  3. players take turns, choosing a head tile.  If they get a match (eg a seal head) they keep the pair and it is the next players turn.  If they do not get a match (eg dog) then all the players must walk like a seal and make the noise of a dog.

We have had so much fun playing this game in our store and at the end of a tutoring session. It is made really well, the cards are very sturdy and will last a long time.  It is a fabulous way to get children (and adults) moving.

What we LOVE about Heads Talk Tails Walk

  • it really makes you concentrate – trying to work out how to do two different things at once
  • there is a little memory involved – trying to recall where a particular head tile might be after being turned over earlier
  • this game could easily be adapted for use in a whole class or large group
  • the rules can be changed to suit different ages and stages – our rules at starfish are that the player that gets a mis-match has to do the “walking and talking” (while we all crack up)
  • it could be used in Occupational Therapy as a way of mixing up the classic “animal walks” activity

The game as described with original rules is suitable for 3yrs+ and for 2 to 5 players