The Jumbo Jelly Balloon Ball is a balloon that becomes a ball!

The Jumbo Jelly Balloon Ball inflates up to 90cm and feels a little soft and spongy – a bit like jelly.

You can throw it, catch it, bounce it or kick it.

Inflate your Jelly Balloon Ball by using the nozzle supplied. Insert the nozzle into the valve of the ball and start inflating. Blow it up just like you would a balloon. It makes the perfect activity for those that need to focus on oral motor/blowing.

Please note: When the team here at Starfish initially started blowing up the balloon ball, they found it difficult to insert the nozzle into the hole of the balloon. As you have to ensure that the nozzle’s holes are pushed as far into the balloon as possible.

We did blow up our display with an air pump. Though after experimenting a few options on how to best insert the nozzle (so the ballon can be blowed up orally) was wetting the nozzle with warm soapy water. It was a-lot easier that way and we highly suggest that our customers do this first to ensure they get the best out of their Jumbo Jelly Balloon Ball.

Apart from the size and feel of this really cool balloon ball. The best part about it is that it is re-useable. To deflate your balloon all you have to do is insert the nozzle provided back into the balloon for the air to escape.

The exterior of the balloon offers a sensory experience as it is covered in tiny soft spikes. The inside of the balloon also has glitter and stars. The top of the balloon includes a loop hole making it easy to hang off a hook on the rook and to hold onto.

In conclusion the Jumbo Jelly Balloon Ball is available in an array of colours including; blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, purple. However please note that when you order online you will receive a colour at random depending on stock availability. If you were after a specific colour for your order you can email us at or phone us on 0490 515 957.