The Kaiko The Fidget Kit has fidgets that look cool and feel fantastic.  Ideal for for older children, teenagers and adults.

The Kaiko The Fidget Kit os perfect for the avid fidgeter, for families, teachers and therapists who need a range of fidgets available. Especially for those who need something quiet, small and discreet.  They fit easily in the palm of your hand or pocket.

With the works pack of fidgets you get a small fidget, medium fidget, magic ball, centipede and loop fidget.

The quality of Kaiko fidgets is second to none.  They come in a handy storage tin, too.

This set will give you five of the best fidgets from Kaiko.

Kaiko fidgets can help with calming, focus and self regulation.  Many use them to assist with anxiety and stress.

They also help develop fine motor skills and hand strengthening.