Make n Break is an exciting challenging game where you have to race against the clock to build a structure with the correct coloured blocks (matching the picture card taken from a centre pile).  Each card is allocated points depending on the degree of difficulty – so it is an easy game to modify to suit differing ages and stages.  A roll of the dice determines how much time you have on your turn – so there is a little luck involved as well.  We play Make n Break often at our centre and the kids love it.  It is a wonderful ice breaker when kids come in on their first day.  I take the dice out of the equation and give the kids the maximum time (3 minutes) and I get 1 minute – to even the playing field. Aside from being lots of fun, Make n Break game also develops visual spatial awareness, colour recognition, dexterity and processing speed. The manufacturers recommend Make n Break for 8yrs and up, however we’ve had much younger kids playing (5yrs+).  You can play it on your own, but its best with 2 – 4 players. We highly recommend Make n Break for the home or classroom. 34 x 23cm x 5cm