Man Bites Dog is a brilliant word game.  Man Bites dog is a hilarious headline making card game.  It is a little ‘different’.  You’re dealt a hand of 5 cards with words on them, each with a point value.  When its your turn, construct a headline that earns you the highest points (and often the biggest laughs).  The first to 500 points wins. After the deal of each hand, you do get the option of discarding up to 3 cards and replacing them.  The headline must be structurally correct. If you happen to also play an “exclusive’ card, then the score for your headline is doubled. Man Bites Dog is great to develop and expand vocabulary, think about word order and headline structure.  In an indirect and subtle way, Man Bites Dog encourages reading and literacy….all while having a ball. Man Bites Dog can be played by two players or more. My family play this game, and we have 10 people.  Sometimes we play as teams, sometimes as singles.  The game takes us about half an hour. We recommend for capable 8yr olds and up. Man Bites Dog comes in a sturdy small box and is ideal for the classroom, home or holiday.