Pomela is a sturdy colourful wooden game that involves carefully picking apples from a tree using the tools provided.  It develops dexterity, fine motor, hand eye coordination, bilateral movement and crossing the midline.

Set the 10 red apples up on the gorgeous tree and hold an apple picker tool in each hand. Flip the 30 second timer, then see how many apples you can pick and place into the basket.

You can make the game harder or easier.  For younger children, allow more than one flip of the timer and place the basket a little closer to the tree.  For those with more skills, place the basket further away, or even have them work in teams of two – each player on the team holds one of the apple picker tools and they have to work together to pick the apples.  This adds quite a bit of a challenge plus lots of fun.  It also turns the game into a lovely cooperative game where children work collaboratively.

For every apple placed into the basket, you collect a cute little jam jar counter.

Once all players have had at least one turn, then simply count the jam jars to see who has the most.

Pomela is a delightful design and of quality craftsmanship.  It is the sort of game you will have for years as a teacher or therapist.

Recommended for 4yr+

Takes about 15 minutes to play (at most)

Suitable for 1 – 2 players but can easily be adjusted for teams of 2 or for a small group activity.


  • 1 wooden apple tree
  • 2 apple pickers
  • 10 wooden apples
  • 20 jam jars
  • 1 sand glass timer
  • 1 basket

Tree measures 23.5 H x 18.5cm W.