The Rainbow Pebbles set is a cleverly designed colourful construction manipulative.  It is ideal both as free play or for copying designs.

The Pebbles have a delightfully smooth rubbery feel.  Develop fine motor skills by stacking, sorting, matching and balancing the pebbles either freely or by matching the pebbles on the colourful picture cards provided.

The Rainbow Pebbles make for a valuable early mathematics manipulative as well as stimulating creative design.  They are ideal for solo, small group and table play.

Promote colour recognition, one to one matching, counting and more.

The sorts of activities open to individual or group for are:

– who can build the highest stack

– who can build the stack with the greatest number of pebbles

– take turns to build a stack and see who makes it collapse!

– build structures

– create your own imaginative designs

What we LOVE about the Rainbow Pebbles

  • the FEEL of them
  • the pattern cards provided – perfect for solo or group play and encouraging one to one correspondence and colour/size recognition
  • the unlimited open ended play options


36 brightly coloured pebbles in six sizes and six colours

20 double sided activity card designs  approx 17 x 11.5cm  The cards have a mix of horizontal and vertical designs, and varying levels of complexity.

The cards in this Rainbow Pebble set are a little more challenging than the Rainbow Activity set.

Recommended for Ages 3 years+