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Think Fun Roll and Play


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Designed for toddlers, so this game is sure to be a hit! Its a super easy concept,  you simply toss the big plush cube and identify which coloured side faces up, then choose a matching colour card and perform the activity shown.

3 in stock


Roll and Play is a favourite for us here at Starfish.  It is a marvellous gross motor and action game and perfect for 2 players or even a large group.

Simply toss the plush cube, whichever coloured side faces up –  and choose the matching colour card.  Then perform the task or activity shown.

The activities are spread out across 6 categories: Emotions (eg make a sleepy face), Body Parts (eg pinch your nose), Animal noises (eg quack like a duck BUT you could add in that they also have to do animal walks at the same time), Colours (eg find something blue BUT they have to jump or hop to collect to touch the item), Counting (eg stomp 6 times) and Actions (eg give a high five).

Roll and Play is a favourite with younger children, but you could easily add or preface cards with more difficult actions, movements or mimes to adapt the game for older children.  I love that the cards are stored in a pocket on the dice itself – so practical and convenient.

It is recommended for 18mth+ and for 2 or more players.  Even a large group (or 2 teams) could easily play this game.

The task cards

Yellow – Emotions: make a sad face, make a sleepy face, make a silly face, giggle and laugh, make a happy face, make a surprised face, make an angry face, make a scared face.

Purple – Body Parts: pinch your nose, pull your ears, touch your toes, tickle your knees, touch your belly button, rub your belly, touch your elbow, wave your arms.

Green – Animal sounds/walks: quack like a duck, bark like a dog, roar like a lion, gobble like a turkey, moo like a cow, neigh like a horse, meow like a cat, squeak like a mouse.

Blue – Colours: find something yellow, find something blue, find something red, find something purple, find something black, find something white, find something orange, find something green.  We recommend adding in a particular movement to use whilst collecting or touching the item eg waddle, hop, jump, walk backwards etc

Orange – Counting: give 1 hug, spin 2 times, blink your eyes 3 times, hop 4 times, count 5 fingers, stomp 6 times, pat your head 7 times, clap 8 times

Red – Actions: wave by bye, sing a song, play pat-a-cake, blow a kiss, do a silly dance, play peekaboo, say your name, give a high five

Roll and Play is designed to support healthy development and celebrate success! Roll and Play is a great game to  introduce play patterns and rules through a loving, joyful play experience!

Ages: 18 months+

2 or more players.

Roll and Play Features:

  • 1 Large Plush Cube
  • 48 Cards – 8 in Each Category
  • Storage Pocket for Cards
  • Parents Guide.


  • Visual Perception and Reasoning
  • Gross Motor




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