The 100 Exercises in Mindfulness Poster is a really lovely way to create a visual reminder to build mindfulness into your every day and create new habits.

The Poster raises awareness of ways to introduce mindfulness into your day, reducing stress and improving well being.  It provides lots of stimulus for conversation and discussion on the topic of mindfulness, too.

There are are 100 different Exercises in Mindfulness on the poster here are just a few:

  • Turn off your phone for 24hrs
  • stop comparing yourself to others
  • indulge in a long warm bath
  • research an interesting topic
  • meditate for 20 minutes
  • create a music playlist that makes you smile
  • commit to no screen time for 2hrs before bed today
  • light a candle
  • look up at the sky and describe it in 5 words

This poster would be great for use as a single person, a family, a work place, a classroom.

For us, here at Starfish, we have our own “adjustments” so it works for us.  So there is no hard and fast rule with how you should use the poster.  Go with what works for you and your situation.  We have opted to work systematically across (left to right and top down), and we plan to write the person’s (or people’s) name above the Mindfulness Act who is taking on that challenge.  Sometimes all the team might do one of the challenges, or sometimes only one person – whatever works for us for the whole experience and “challenge” overall to be successful.

With the 100 Random Acts of Kindness, our team decided to set ourselves a challenge – to see how many we could “do” in a day (as a team).  For example, one of us had to go to Woolies and help someone with their shopping trolley.

These Scratch Posters are a terrific idea.  My family have got one going at the moment – 100 Day Fitness challenge.  We all got one for Christmas and the challenge started on the first day of the new year.  Loads of fun and keeps us all connected.