Fat Brain Squigz 2.0


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Squigz are a great tool for kinaesthetic learners and sensory learning, and occupational therapists love them!

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The Fat Brain Squigz 2.0 are the latest version of the incredibly popular squigz.  They’re just like the original Squigz. Push them together to build wiggly, wobbly creations and then pull them apart to hear them POP.  They are fully compatible with the original Squigz.

But now, it’s not just the limbs that connect – Their newly designed centers connect, too! Plus, wild curves add a clever new twist of character creativity.

The Squigz 2.0 will stick to each other and virtually any smooth non-porous surface surface, simply squeeze the air out and attach.  They won’t leave any residual mark. Once stuck, they pull apart with a ‘pop!’ sound.

They are flexible, pleasantly pliable and can be used in the bathtub, on walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, desktops.

Sguigz can be used in Therapy in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Using them to create an obstacle course for children to manoeuvre around.
  • Sticking them at different heights, and asking the children to pull them off as quickly as they can, or asking them to pull of certain colours or sequences.
  • Sticking them to a white board or paper, for children to then trace around with a textas.
  • Having the children lie on their tummies over a therapy ball or scooter board and pick up the squigz off the floor/off walls.

Thats just to name a few! There are so many ways to use these fantastic little suckers!

Squigz 2.0 includes a set of 36 suction-cup building pieces.

Squigz encourage fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, exploration, experimentation.

Safe, non-toxix, made of 100% food-grade silicone.  BPA-Free, latex-free



Squigz dimensions:

 Largest piece measures 9.5 H x 3 W x 3cm d. Ages 3yrs+

Suction Construction takes on a whole new dimension!


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