The Wind Up Racing Pugs are a fun way to have children working on their fine motor skills without even realising.

There are so many ways to use these wind up toys as part of a therapeutic plan or just for fun.

Play solo, wind the pugs up and race them against each other.

See if one can get further than the other.

Or race against another player.

Use the preferred hand to wind the key with the thumb and pointer.  Or add challenges by using the thumb and index, thumb and ring finger or pinky (now, that one is hard!).

You can even wind the pugs up with your non-preferred hand.

We love that the wind up key is a little bigger than the typical winder (on most wind up toys). This makes the grip and twisting action required much easier.

The size of the pugs also makes them easy to handle for those with poor fine motor or muscle tone.

The Wind Up Racing Pugs are a fun activity for all ages, from 3yrs+

7.5 x 5 x 6cm