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Our 3 Favourite ‘QUICK’ Games for Tutoring

Even though we know games are valuable, sometimes we simply run out of time in our sessions.

Games are a simple yet effective way to end on a positive note and a great opportunity to strengthen bonds with your students, all while learning!

If you find yourself with only a few minutes left to fit a fun game in, here are our 3 top picks for much loved games that can only take a few minutes to play.

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Powering up Early Literacy Instruction with Coko Educational Bricks

Dive into the world of early literacy instruction with our latest blog post featuring Coko Educational Bricks! Follow Kirstie as she uncovers the innovative methods that are transforming the way we teach and learn language and literacy.

Click here to explore the full story and unlock the potential of Coko Educational Bricks.

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Managing After-School Exhaustion or Hyperactivity

Navigating the challenges of post-school meltdowns and hyperactivity is a common concern for parents. However, with the right strategies, we can support our child's emotional regulation and well-being. From routines to sensory techniques, each tactic contributes to creating a supportive environment for your child.

Join us as we explore practical solutions to ease the transition from school to home, helping your child find balance and calmness after a busy learning day.

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Early Start NDIS Plans: A Guide to NDIS Core Funding Allocation

Early Start NDIS Plans: A Guide to NDIS Core Funding Allocation

When it comes to early start NDIS plans, you may find that not all children are allocated funding under the CORE category. The shift in funding allocation has left many families in a predicament, as they struggle to secure the necessary resources to support their children.

However, there is hope. You might be able to request an allocation of funds specifically under Capacity Building to purchase resources crucial for your child's therapy.

To achieve this, follow these easy steps.

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Handwriting tips for left handers

Handwriting Tips For Left Handers

Developing good handwriting is a valuable and practical skill.  When you can write effortlessly, your work becomes legible and efficient, enabling you to focus on the content rather than the physical act of writing.

However, for left-handed students, achieving mastery in handwriting can be more challenging.

In this blog post, we'll showcase the top tips for supporting left-handed students in their handwriting journey.  By implementing these strategies, we aim to make the process smoother and more enjoyable, helping left-handers to thrive and achieve their academic goals.

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Mastering the b and d Confusion

Mastering the b and d Confusion

Confusing the letters b and d is a common issue for many learners.  Whether it is mixing up b’s and d’s in reading or writing, or both, as parents and educators, it is important to address this early.

In this blog, Kirstie explains 'why' it is important and lists the strategies that she uses to help learners master their b’s and d’s in the Starfish tutoring centre.

For many learners, b and d confusion can be challenging.  But it is possible with effective teaching, to overcome this obstacle, and develop strong reading and writing skills.


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What Order To Teach The Alphabet

In early childhood education, teaching the alphabet is a fundamental skill that lays the foundation for reading and writing.

However, the order in which the letters are taught can greatly impact a child's learning progress.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of teaching the alphabet in a particular order, provide practical tips on how to effectively teach letter sounds, and suggest activities and resources that you can do now to support your child's learning journey. Plus a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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How Flashcards Can Improve Your Child's Phonics Skills

How Flashcards Can Improve Your Child's Phonics Skills

Flashcards are a versatile and effective tool for teaching phonics.  They are a simple and engaging way to introduce and reinforce letter sounds and word recognition skills.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using flashcards for phonics learning and provide practical tips for making the most of this valuable teaching tool.

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Our Top Games for 3 Year Olds and Why!

As parents and teachers, we understand the importance of fostering early development in our little ones. Games are not only a fun activity, but they provide numerous developmental benefits.

From improving social skills to enhancing cognitive abilities, games offer a well-rounded learning experience for children.

Join Kirstie (M.Ed Special Education) as she talks you through some her top picks that cater for 3 year olds, and why.

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