Chewy Charms Shirt Saver - Circle

The Chewy Charms Shirt Saver - Circle is a safe oral chew to help calm, soothe, and self-regulate during times of stress. It's a great way to save your school shirts or any button up shirt. These clever chews are ever at the ready and attach easily through the button hole. 3 in a pack, one for each school shirt. The Chewy Charms circle design is rated for heavy use.

The Chewy Charms Shirt Saver - Circle comes in 5 colours - Light blue, Navy blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Each sold separately.


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  • Chews that attach through the button hole.¬†No more soggy shirts!

    Chewy Charms Shirt Saver chews attach easily and quickly to your shirt buttonholes. Always on hand, you'll never lose your chew. Tuck it under your shirt when not in use.

    They come in a convenient 3 pack. Pop one on each school shirt at the start of term.  No need to ever take it off, until the chew needs to be removed or replaced. The shirt can be washed with the chew still attached. It can even be put through the dryer.

    The Chewy Charms Shirt Saver - Circle is a safe oral chew to help calm, soothe, and self-regulate during times of stress. These chews provide calming and proprioceptive input to the jaw, assisting with focus and providing a safe alternative to biting fingers, clothing and pencils etc.

    The Shirt Savers are rated for use as follow:

    Hex - light infrequent use.

    Star - medium use, moderate chewing.

    Circle - heavy use.

    The Chewy Charms Shirt Saver - Circle comes in 5 colours - Light blue, Navy blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Each sold separately.

    Chewy Charms Shirt Saver - Circle Features

    • 3 pack
    • Shape: Circle (rated for heavy use)
    • Colours: Light blue, Navy blue, Red, Yellow and Green
    • Metal and BPA Free, non toxic silicone
    • Super strong silky breakaway safety cord
    • Chew section 10 x 4cm
    • Recommended for 4yrs+

    N.B. Chews are considered to be a consumable item and are not designed to last forever.  When you see signs of wear and tear discard your chew. 


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