6 games for screen-free play

6 games for screen-free play blog title with a young child playing the chickyboom game

Whether we like it or not, screens are here to stay.

From online education to staying in touch with friends and family during lockdown, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep kids away from screens. Technology is vital for staying connected, but what we can do is learn to manage screen time responsibly.

Tablets and phones make great distractions for bored or fidgety kids, and it is essential they become familiar with these exciting new technologies. Though what's more important is that we do not become reliant on them for managing behaviour, or for a child's development.

Children who do spend more time in front of a screen have been proven to have reduced thinking/reasoning power and language processing ability, as well as other developmental issues.

Games are an ideal solution.

Not only do games keep kids away from the screens, they provide a brilliant outlet for developing key skills such as fine motor, communication (if playing with others), visual spacial, logical thinking, hand-eye, cooperation and so many more.

There are so many great, screen-free games to keep children entertained that are just as easy to pop in the bag or car, here's some of our Starfish favourites!

Bee Genius Puzzle Game

Bee Genius puzzle game with game pieces laid out in front of packaging box on white background

A wonderful single player, logic game that will help children build their skills and grow their self-confidence!

Kids will need to put their thinking caps on, there are over 46,000 different combinations with each of them having their own unique solution.

This non-competitive game game will keep kids busy for hours and is guaranteed to be a hit.

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A-maze Ball

Need something silent for busy hands during a long wait? We have just the thing.

The A-maze ball really is what it says on the tin.

An absolute classic, players must simply move the little silver ball into the middle of the maze but turning the casing in their hands.

Easy. Or so you thought...

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Connetix Tiles

connetix tiles on display with structure in front of green box

Think Lego... just more colourful, magnetic, and translucent! The Connetix tiles are simply a wonder. These versatile, open-ended tiles offer hours of construction play whilst developing gross motor, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

One of the best STEAM (Science, technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) toys we have come across. What's more, all Connetix tile sets are compatible with each other, meaning your collection can grow to your hearts content! 

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Chickyboom game packaging box on white background with hand holding one of the purple chickens on see-saw

The award-winning Chickyboom game incorporates fine motor skills and an understanding of balance to enable players to remove items from the balancing roost. 

This fun-filled game by Blue Orange will have you squawking and squealing as you try and get the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking roost without it toppling!

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The Mind

The Mind Game with hand holding one of the playing cards to place down on white back ground

A Starfish personal favourite, The Mind is a cooperative card game where all the players have to work together to place hidden cards down in order - all without any communication. The cards must be placed down in ascending order, up to 100.

You can be sure that not only will this game keep the kids away from the screens for hours, it will also leave you in complete...silence.

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Brainwright Flexi Puzzle

Brainwright flexi puzzle in packaging on white background

A logic puzzle and fidget in one, the Flexi Puzzle features 80 challenges with varying levels of difficulty to suit everyone.

Players must try to twist and position the cubes to match the configuration of each challenge. Being silent and discreet, it is perfect for down time, waiting or during transitions.

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Finishing up...

Avoiding screens altogether is unrealistic, and nor should we, but we can try to limit the time we spend in front of them.

Being consistent is key to developing healthy habits. Yes, you may have the odd day here and there where kids will be spending more time watching tv, or playing a computer game, but as long as these are 'treat' days. Everything in moderation.

And once you realise it's just as easy to get them hooked on a screen-free game, we'll doubt you (or them) will turn back. Because let's face it... no iPad or computer will ever truly beat getting stuck into a good game!


Love team Starfish x


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