Handwriting Tips For Left Handers

Handwriting tips for left handers

Developing good handwriting is a valuable and practical skill.  When you can write effortlessly, your work becomes legible and efficient, enabling you to focus on the content rather than the physical act of writing.  This cognitive freedom enhances your overall learning experience.

However, for left-handed students, achieving mastery in handwriting can be more challenging.  This struggle can also extend to teachers or parents who may not know the best ways to assist these students, particularly if they are right-handed themselves.

In this blog post, we'll showcase the top tips for supporting left-handed students in their handwriting journey.  By implementing these strategies, we aim to make the process smoother and more enjoyable, helping left-handers to thrive and achieve their academic goals.

Tips for left handers:

  1. Position the book or paper slightly to the left of the student (as opposed to being in the centre and directly in front of the student) - so they have a better view as they are writing.
    Handwriting tips for left handers
  2. Turn the book (or material) clockwise so it is on an angle (drop the right corner) - so they have a better view and there is less ‚Äúsmudging‚ÄĚ.
    handwriting tips for left handers  handwriting tips for left handers
  3. Hold the pencil or pen a little further from the tip than usual (approximately 2 to 3cm) - so they have a better view as they are writing.
    Handwriting tips for left handers
  4. Encourage students to always start letters from the top (despite many left-handers instinctively starting from the bottom) - so there is a consistent approach to their handwriting.
  5. Avoid using spiral bound books - as left-handers have to position their arm over the binding.
    Handwriting tips for left handers
  6. Provide model of letter or handwriting above (as opposed to the left hand side) where the student is writing - so they can see the ‚Äėmodel‚Äô while they are writing.
    handwriting tips for left handers

Finishing up..

Over time, every individual naturally develops their unique handwriting style. For left-handed students, the journey to mastery becomes more manageable with the help of the tips above.

The ultimate objective is to achieve clear and comfortable writing, empowering left-handed learners to express themselves confidently through writing.

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Kirstie Wishart M.Ed (Special Education).
Owner and founder of The Starfish Store. Kirstie’s professional life has included: teaching (in both public and private schools in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand), lecturer and subject coordinator at the University of Wollongong, Educational consultant (working with children and young people with a trauma background), OoHC Case Work Manager, and Specialist Tutor (working with children and young people with significant learning difficulties and/or disabilities).

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